Company Overview

As the owner and operator of Custom Boat Repairs, I have been repairing boats on the Hudson River since the 1970s. I take great pride in my work by performing repairs right the first time, in a safe and timely manner. My expertise ranges from Major Hull Reconstruction, Expert Color Matching, Osmosis Barrier Coatings and Mig-Tig-Welding. Hull Inspections are conducted with Infrared Cameras, Moisture Detection specialized equipment, and everything in between.

Custom Boat Repairs has two location to serve your needs, and offers 24-Hour Emergency Service. My clients alway receive personalized attention, by dealing with me directly -- there is never a middleman. I also document the work process, step-by-step through digital photography, and provide my clients with up-to-date progress reports. The timeline given to you is guaranteed. Client satisfaction, as well as personal satisfaction, is what motivates Custom Boat Repairs -- I am not happy unless you are 100% happy!


I repair all types of fiberglass boat damage, using the latest equipment and highest quality materials. With 45 years of experience under my belt, I have mastered my craft. Rapid job progression, superior repair, and the use of specialized tools is what sets Custom Boat Repairs apart from my competitors.

The proper tools and environment are paramount for the successful completion of fiberglass boat repairs. All repairs are performed with skill and precision, using heavy-duty generators and air compressors to power the tools. Also, unlike many of my competitors, Custom Boat Repairs creates a safe and comfortable work environment, using a Tyvek Suit and ventilator blowers. Efficient removal of fiberglass dust and a constant supply of breathable air allow me to completely focus on accomplishing a superior repair. Additionally, Custom Boat Repairs upgrades its equipment on an annual basis to ensure consistent quality workmanship.

Fiberglass repairs need to withstand strong water pressure, which can rip apart a boat hull, if not done properly. I use only high-tech, non-woven fiberglass materials to guarantee a strong repair. Supplies like Polyester Resin and Vinyl Ester Resin are always purchased separately for each individual job. A fresh product insures that the repair will be resilient, and able to withstand water pressure.

My exceptional equipment and high-quality materials are your insurance that repairs are done right the first time.


Custom Boat Repairs has two locations. The North Bergen, NJ location focuses on fiberglass repairs for boats up to 30 feet in length, as well as specialized fiberglass jobs other than boats. Repairs done in my North Bergen yard are more economical for my clients, since there is no travel time, set-up time, or gas or toll expenses.

My second location is located at the Liberty Landing Marina, in Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ. I've been their since 1999, when the marina was being built, and have watched it go from just a few slips, to over 500 slips currently.

In the past 19 years, the marina has changed hands many times, and with that, many changes have occured -- including positive personnel changes. Today, the marina is owned by Suntex Marinas and what an improvement they have made -- it is the best marina in the area and runs like a fine-tuned machine. The mechanics are experts in their field, and even attend training during the winter months, to stay on top of new mechanical repair techinques.

The marina employs a mechanic for each specific part of a boat. From Diesel to Gas engines, Outboards to Inboards, Sailboats to Power Boats, the marina is also a great fabricator of aluminum and stainless steel. And the yard men that work the travel lift are great at running the machines, always ensuring that all boats are hauled and blocked safely, while the marina manager keeps the entire operation running smoothly.

Let me just say that if you ever have any mechanical problems with your boat, these are the guys to go to. And just in case you don't belive me, here's an article about Liberty Landing Marina winning the Marina of the Year Award in 2017:

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  1. Award for Best Marina
  2. Suntex Marina Liberty Landing Location
  3. Suntex Marina Main Site

I work out of a 90-foot-long, 35-foot-wide, 35-foot-high building at the marina, where I installed large exhaust fans and high-intensity lights, so I can perform fiberglass repair work comfortably and safely. In this building, I'm able to complete very big jobs in a modern method, instead of the old way, by enclosing boats within a wooden frame and shrink wrapping them to keep the repair process dry and clean. My building is set up so well, in fact, that I'm able to work 7 days a week to complete repair jobs within the timeline promised to my customers.

Bill Nowicki also documents his work step by step through digital photography to keep his clients up to date on his progress. The timeline given to you is guaranteed. Client satisfaction as well as personal satisfaction is what motivates Custom Boat Repairs. Bill Nowicki is not happy unless his client is 100% happy.