New Hydraulic Boat Trailer

Rather than using independent boat haulers Custom Boat Repair has bought a new Hydraulic Boat Trailer. Other trailer services either don't work on the weekends or can't come right away. This can delay repairs for weeks and often times haulers don't stick to the price that you were quoted.

Custom Boat Repair believes that the customer always comes first and as a service provider you need to be available all the time. Custom Boats is Dedicated to customer service and makes those services available seven days a week 6:00 am to 10:00pm.

This New Hydraulic Trailer will handle a 34' boat, 18,000 Lbs. This trailer is also equipped with an Air Ride Suspension system.

Some customer's boats can be hauled to the yard for free. This is available for certain fiberglass repair jobs and will save customers money. This is a better solution then leaving the boat in the marina and paying a percentage to them to work on it there.

hydraulic trailer hydraulic trailer hydraulic trailer hydraulic trailer hydraulic trailer hydraulic trailer hydraulic trailer hydraulic trailer

New Infrared Camera For Boat Repairs

I purchased this camera in October last year. Well let me say that this is one of the best tools that I ever bought. The first three pictures show this cameras capability. The photos are of a Sea Ray Boat. The area is the shaft log. This area is where the shaft comes out of the hull and then goes through the strut support. Water was leaking inside the boat. When the outside was checked you didn't see much, just old bottom paint on the hull. So I got my camera and took images of the area, and this is what it showed. The dark areas show where the moisture is in the fiberglass, also fine stress cracks. You could not see these with your eyes.

Pentax Infrared Camera Pentax Infrared Camera Pentax Infrared Camera
Pentax Infrared Camera Pentax Infrared Camera

These show what the area looks like after I removed the Gel-Coat from the bottom of the hull. You can see how the factory fiberglassed that area in. It looks like they cut a square section out clean, then fiberglass the inside area, then they lumped on the fiberglass on the outside. See all the voids? See the cracks? See the areas that are discolored? Water started to penetrate these areas. Eventually this area will get weaker if left alone.

Pentax Infrared Camera Pentax Infrared Camera

These pictures show a Strut support on another boat job. The dark areas are where water & the fiberglass are delaminated.

Pentax Infrared Camera

This photo shows what I found when I removed the fiberglass support plate. I feel its Very important if your buying a used boat to check out these areas with an infrared camera. With a fresh coat of bottom paint on the hull you'll never find it. The camera will. Also to repair these areas is very expensive. Most of the time the motors will have to be removed.

Pentax Infrared Camera Pentax Infrared Camera

These pictues show my setup. I'm able to download the photos to my laptop, process them and then print them out for you if you need copies. This is all portable. I can do this on the road.

If you would like to see what this camera is capable of, click this link. Marine Surveying Article

Pentax Camera

This camera makes it possible to capture better images of boat damages. It has four different lenses. Macro for close up photos of cracks and a fisheye lens to take photos inside of a boat. Point and Click photography was not sufficient for getting close-up photos and photos of damage inside the boats. With the fisheye lens its just one photo of the whole area rather then the several shots that it required previously. The lenses are interchangeable so if something happens to the lens it can be easily changed. With the Point and Click you can't change the lens. Since so many photos are needed throughout the repair process the lenses are easily damaged with the fiberglass dust getting on them and in between the glass.

A case holds all of the needed supplies to gage a boat job. There is rule tape to put on the hull to show how long the damaged area is. Cameras can be deceiving when trying to show damage on a hull. A software program is also used so that when a photo is taken of your boat and I opened in this program it is able to measure the size of your boat without physically measuring it.

Laptop Pentax Camera Through the use of a laptop photos can be worked on and then e-mail to customers to show the progress of their repair job.
Infrared Camera for Home Inspections

This camera is so cool that a few customers asked me to check out their homes.

One customer was selling his home and the home inspector noticed some water stains on the outside of his house. The inspector told the home owner that he will have to drill holes on the side of his house to see if the wood was wet. This customer was worried about losing a lot of money on his house. To do this type of repair was very expensive.

So the customer called me to see if I could check it out for him before the inspector checked it out. I said sure. I put the camera up to the area and it showed the wall area was very dry. Other areas not associated with the area that was mentioned were questionable. I told the customer not to worry when the inspector checks out the wall, It'll be dry. Well the inspector checked it out the next day by drilling holes and putting a Moisture Meter into the wooden beams and like I said it was dry.

The customer was so impressed with the tool, that he wanted to buy one until I told him the price. That camera cost me $15,000.00. Another customer got in touch with me about finding a water leak in his home. He told me that every time he put the heat on the leak would appear.This customer had a Radiant Heating system under his Granite floor. He felt that if the leak was in his floor he would have to rip up his new granite floor. This would be a Very Expensive job.

I told him to fire up his heating system, after a few minutes I found the leak. Only one granite square had to be removed. I saved him his whole floor.

If you need help with something that you think this camera will find get in touch with me. I'll try to help you out.

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3M Air Supply Unit

This is a battery powered air supply unit to do those small repair jobs fast. For large jobs, which require lying on the ground, this unit converts over to another compressor so the battery pack isn’t in the way while doing the repairs. This was a great equipment upgrade.

3M Air Supply Unit3M Air Supply Unit

Small Air Compressor

Small Air CompressorThis small electric air compressor was on sale at a warehouse store for a great price. It seemed like this compressor would be great to do those small touch up jobs without the hassle of loading a 300 lb air compressor. This new smaller compressor weighs about 25 lbs and so far this compressor rocks.

Emglo Air Compressor

The current Air Compressor that Custom Boat Repair utilizes is an Emglo Gas Driven. This Emglo Compressor has given twenty-five years of trouble free service. This compressor was so good that it was able to spray 35' to 40' Ft. boats without losing air or waiting for the compressor to build up air. At last it was time to get a new one and to have a backup. Dewalt bought the Emglo company a couple of years ago and hopefully this compressor is built like the original Emglo product and will provide many more years of trouble free service.

Emglo Air CompressorEmglo Air Compressor


ScaffoldingScaffolding is one of those important pieces of equipment that you need to do boat repairs safe & comfortably. Many repairmen climb up and down on the ladders, putting planks on the ladders and compounding boats. Unfortunately many have also taken falls on these ladders. Custom Boat Repairs recently purchased six of these units. When doing a boat repair that is ten feet or higher off the ground all of the equipment can be loaded onto the scaffold and all of the tools are easily accessible. That saves multiple trips up and down the ladder and is also much safer.

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