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Custom Boat Repair, located in North Bergen, New Jersey, has been repairing boats on the Hudson River since the 1970's. Owner & operator Bill Nowicki takes great pride in his work by performing repairs right the first time, in a safe and timely manner. He gives his clients personal attention by offering 24-hour emergency service, in which they connect to him directly, no middlemen.

His expertise range from Major Hull Reconstruction, Expert Color matching, Osmosis Barrier Coatings and Mig-Tig-Welding. Hull Inspections conducted with Infrared Cameras and Moisture Detection specialized equipment, and everything in between.

Infrared Imaging Infrared Imaging Infrared Imaging

Bill Nowicki also documents his work step by step through digital photography to keep his clients up to date on his progress. The timeline given to you is guaranteed. Client satisfaction as well as personal satisfaction is what motivates Custom Boat Repairs. Bill Nowicki is not happy unless his client is 100% happy.



Bill Nowicki repairs all types of fiberglass damage to boats using the latest equipment and highest quality material. With 30 years of experience under his belt, Bill has mastered his craft. Rapid job progression, superior repair, and the utilization of specialized tools are what sets Custom Boat Repairs apart from its competitors.

All repairs are accomplished with skill and precision using heavy-duty generators and air compressors to power the tools. The right tools and the right environment are paramount for successful completion of a fiberglass boat repair. Unlike many competitors, Custom Boat Repairs creates a safe and comfortable work environment using a Tyvek Suit and ventilator blowers. Efficient removal of fiberglass dust and a constant supply of breathable air allow Bill to concentrate on completing a superior repair. Custom Boat Repairs upgrades it's equipment yearly to assure quality workmanship.

Fiberglass repairs need to withstand strong water pressure, which can rip apart a boat hull. Bill uses new hi-tech, non-woven fiberglass materials to guarantee a strong repair. The supplies, like Polyester Resin and Vinyl Ester Resin, are all purchased separately for each job. A fresh product insures that the repair will be resilient and able to withstand water pressure.

Bill's exceptional equipment and high quality materials is your insurance that your repair is done right the first time.

Equipment Equipment Equipment



Custom Boat Repairs is located at 8607 River Road, North Bergen, New Jersey. This location has a large enclosed temporary shelter with a 150,000 BTU heater inside. This enables Bill to provide year-round expert repairs. For boats that are bigger then this temporary shelter, Bill builds a wooden structure around the boat and then covers this structure in shrink-wrap. A portable heater is then installed which keeps the work area warm. Since equipment can remain set up, more time can be given to your boat and the repair is done quicker. Repairs done in his yard are more economical for the owner since there is no travel time, setup time, gas or tolls. Custom Boat Repairs recently purchased a New Hydraulic Trailer. Free trailer service to and from the shop is available for some repair jobs.


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