Repair Jobs

Below are photos of repair jobs that I have completed. I have seen many other boat repair web sites that only show before & after photos. I don’t feel that that’s the best way to pick a fiberglass repair person. I truly believe that the most important part of the repair process is HOW the job gets done. This could be the difference between you having an enjoyable ride back to your dock, or your swimming back to your dock.

One of my customers that owned a bayliner boat discovered a hole on the bottom of the boat. He gave it to the marina to fix the hole and was very happy with the job. The repair looked great and had a fresh coat of bottom paint. About a month later he decided to go fishing with his kids on the boat for the first outing since the repair. As they were all sitting on the bow casting their rods, feet hanging over the side and just enjoying the day they started to notice that their toes where getting wet. Something was wrong. The father climbed into the boat from the bow and when he looked into the cabin he saw it was filled with water and all of his equipment was floating around. He immediately grabbed the life jackets, he though the boat was going down.

He started up the boat and raced to a nearby marina . He then contacted me and asked me to check it out. I found that the other repair shop fixed the hole in the bottom with bondo putty. The bondo popped right out of the hole. They didn’t even grind the area for it to stick. What’s bad about Bondo is that it has talc in it, which it expands when it gets wet, and then most of the time it falls out. I explained to him how I could to do the repair correctly. He was glad that he found me and I had a new customer. Through the years he has brought three other boats in for me to repair.

This is a perfect example of why I tell you to make sure that your fiberglass repairman takes photos of the whole repair process. If he says it’s too much time and he can’t, then I suggest you to walk away and find someone else. If it’s too much effort to take a photo, how much time do you think he’ll put into your boat to repair it the right way? Check out some of the boats that I have repaired below.

Bow Thruster Installation

True World Marine contacted me and asked If I could install a Bow Thruster on one of their 28 Ft. Sport fisherman Boats. I agreed and they invited me to the there Factory to show me a Bow Thruster that they had previously had someone else install. I couldn’t believe what I saw. The Bow Thruster was installed crooked...

Step Fabrication

Here's another job that True World Marine asked me to do. They wanted me to fabricate a step out of fiberglass for a boat that one of their customers brought. The first step into the cabin was about 16" down, and it was difficult getting into the cabin. After I fabricated the step the company officials came down and were very impressed with my work. They wanted me to make a mold of the step or have me to start casting them up for their company.

Strut Repair Job 50Ft. Cruisers

This is a 50 Ft. Cruisers that hit some rocks. The Strut & Prop took the main hit. The inside area that the strut is attached to was cracked. From the photos you can see that the inside area didn't look too bad. When the Insurance adjuster came to check out the boat, they said that they would pay only for laying fiberglass over the area that was damaged and use longer bolts to attach the new strut. I took some Infrared photos....

Water Taxi Repair Job

A wooden pile ripped open the side of a water taxi when the motor stalled and the current in the Hudson River took the boat. This was a big job that had to be done quick so the taxi could get back into service. I worked 16-hour days for eleven days straight to get the job done. The Coast Guard was inspecting the repairs throughout the whole repair process....

Engine Conversion Job

Here is another job that I enjoyed doing. This boat had a gas twin 4 cylinder engine with outdrives mounted to it. The owner wanted to put a single diesel with an outdrive unit on it. He asked if I could replace the rotten transom and also remove the single engine mounting block and install two mounting blocks for the new diesel motor. I said no problem....

Closing up Transom Opening

Here is another job I did for a customer who wanted the opening in his transom closed up. Another company put an aluminum plate over the opening and it didn't look great. The customer that owned the boat complained to the company that he didn't liked the way the aluminum plate looked like on the transom with big bolts going thru it to hold it on. So the company got in touch with me .....

MerCruiser Skeg Repair

I can repair any make of Outboard, Inboard & Outboard Skegs. A customer got in touch with me about repairing a Skeg on a MerCruiser Outdrive. I told him no problem; it'll look like new again. He then told me that he hit some rocks underwater and broke the skeg off completely. I have seen many shops repair skegs and every time that I've seen one repaired you know it was repaired. Now check out my repair procedure....

Sea Ray Fiberglass Repair

This is a typical fiberglass repair. This boat ran into the dock. The damage does not look that bad but if you look on the inside, you'll see that the Bulkhead was smashed. I removed a section of the bulkhead, laid fiberglass on the inside and then on the outside....

Jet Ski Repair

I also repair many jet skis, so many, that I have built a special device that I connect to the Jet Ski and I'm able to roll it around. I call it my Rotisserie device. Now I'm able to fiberglass the inside and outside of the Jet Ski at waist level. Trying to fiberglass a jet ski on a trailer is very difficult.Trying to get the fiberglass to stick to it upside down is even harder.

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