New York Skyline by Bill Nowicki

I think this is the best photo that I've ever taken. I took this photo with a small 3.5Mp digital camera.I took six photos of the skyline, and then I stitched them together to make this panorama photo. Well let me say that I go by these buildings every day and I haven't notice the shapes & designs of the buildings like in this photo. Click to enlarge.

NY Skyline

NY Photos of Events by Bill Nowicki

One of the great things about living on a barge, as I did for many years, is that you get to experience all of the things that occur on the river through the years. In the late seventies, I would host Fourth of July celebrations with all my friends on the barge. My barge was docked in a prime location to see the Macys Fourth of July Fireworks up close. The fireworks where display from other barges that where towed up the hudson river by tug boats. The Fireworks display where so close to my barge that one year they almost burnt down not only my barge, but other barges in the area too. I had an Emergency Fire Pump to put out the flames. All those years I would do Fire drills by myself in the middle of the nite for a situation like this, and it paid off. My neighbors in this barge community would laugh at me for doing this, but they where happy to have me around. Why I had to do this is that the local fire department had a difficult time getting to the barges. A 110 Ft. wooden barge could burn down to the water line in thirty minutes. I've seen five barges burn that fast, I wasn't going to be the sixth. In the Mid eighties they moved the Fireworks to the East River and the Hudson River became quiet. Those where the days.

Below are some photos that I've taken of the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum docked on the Hudson River, Some Photo's of Upper New York Harbor, And a few of Long Island Sound Sand Dunes when I was riding around with my boat.

Op-Sail of Events by Bill Nowicki

In 1976 the Hudson River showcased the Bicentinantal OP Sail. This was a procession of antique Sailing Ships from around the world that where used in the 19 century. This flotilla was such a great success that they held it again in 1986. This was a fabulous site to see! These Old Sailing ships from the past sailing up the Hudson River past my barge. Here are some photos that I've taken of that memorable time. These photos needed some restoring. They layed around for over twenty to thirty years. I found them in a box when I had to move off the barge. So I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoy taking them.

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